MyRepublic Mobile - March 2021 Goodwill Package

In view of the recent interruption to our mobile service that affected a group of customers, we are extending a form of goodwill compensation for the inconvenience caused.

For “Unlimited Data” Plan users (Affected on 31 Mar Mobile Service Interruption)

  • 150GB Data Booster (60 days)

For All Other Plan users (Affected on 31 Mar Mobile Service Interruption) 

  • 10GB Data Booster (30 days)
Note: The booster will be provisioned starting from 31 March 2021 and the booster will last till 31 May and 30 Apr respectively. Please restart your mobile device to enjoy this additional data.

If you have more than 1 affected services during the 31 Mar 2021 mobile service interruption, the goodwill packages will be provided accordingly based on plan type.

Update (31 Mar 2021): Quota Display Bug for users given 10GB Data Booster (30 days)

We are currently facing a quota display issue within our MyRepublic App/MyAccount, where it is not displaying the 10GB booster provisioned.

Rest assured that the 10GB Booster (30 days) is already active for your service, and any data usage within this 30 days will first be consumed from the booster. You’ll be seeing that your remaining Base Data Quota does not drop as long as when the 10GB booster is active, as it is currently consuming from the booster.

We are working with the respective teams to ensure that the 10GB booster displays as part of your total quota when viewed from the MyRepublic App/MyAccount. We seek your understanding in the matter, thank you.


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