VoLTE Key Benefits & Features

Note: This feature is only available for all new sign up wef 31 Mar 2020.

1. Crystal-clear voice quality

Compared to traditional calls, you can enjoy higher definition voice quality with VoLTE.

2. Faster call setup connection (less than 2 seconds)

Traditional calls rely on circuit-switched technology, which drops your connection to 2G/3G when you are connected on a traditional voice call. This creates a common delay where it takes a few seconds before you get the ringing tone. With VoLTE, the call setup connection will take just less than 2 seconds.

3. Seamless data service when on voice call

Traditional calls connected will drop your connection to 2G/3G, and data service will not be available during the call. With VoLTE, you will be enjoying voice over LTE and data connection is still available.

4. Integration of VoLTE over VoWiFi

With VoLTE, you will get access to VoWiFi which alleviates any potential indoor signal coverage in homes or offices. VoWiFi allows you to make and receive calls reliability when indoors, relying on WiFi for the initial call connection

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