VoLTE Frequently Asked Questions

Note: This feature is only available for all new sign up wef 31 Mar 2020.

1. What is VoLTE?

VoLTE allows you to experience better call setup and call quality for your calls. Click here to see the full key features and benefits of VoLTE.

2. Can I use VoLTE?

VoLTE is available for all MyRepublic mobile subscribers who have plans subscribed on 31 March 2020 onwards.

3. Is VoLTE available on all mobile devices?

The VoLTE feature is only available on selected mobile devices. For more information, please see this link.

4. Does VoLTE consume my local data?

VoLTE requires an active local data connection to be established, however, talktime over VoLTE calls will still be deducted from your talktime.

5. How do I know if VoLTE is active on my device?

On selected devices, you will see the VoLTE sign next to our operator name “MyRepublic”. You can also tell that VoLTE is in used during calls, when 4G/LTE is still on, instead of dropping to 2G/3G.

6. What will happen when I move from a 4G coverage to a 3G coverage area?

Your voice call will be continued on the 3G network.

7. On VoLTE, can I make calls or receive calls from non-VoLTE users?

Calls can be made or received regardless of whether VoLTE is turned on or off on either devices.

8. Can I enable VoLTE on my mobile device which is using Standard SIM or eSIM?

It is dependent on whether your mobile device supports VoLTE via Standard SIM or eSIM. Most Android mobile devices (meant for the Singapore market) do not have the feature to enable VoLTE via eSIM for now. For more information, please refer to your mobile device manufacturer's website.


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