[For Selected Customers] Updating SIM Card Network Settings for Plan Upgrade / Network Migration

Updating your SIM Card Network Profile

Your existing mobile number needs to be migrated and ported to our new network before your plan upgrade can be completed. 

Similar to the number porting process when you port your number to a new mobile service provider, this network migration process will cause a brief interruption to your service but it will resume normally once the update is completed.

To make sure you stay informed, you’ll receive SMS updates at each stage of the number porting and plan upgrade process.

If you currently have a "No Service" error on your SIM card, please perform the following steps to update its profile:

Note: Wait a moment after making a change to your network settings. Changing it repeatedly and quickly (i.e. spamming it) may cause an error. 

For Android

1. Find and open the "MyRepublic" application with a SIM Icon


If you are not able to find the application icon above with “MyRepublic”, you may try to search for SIM Toolkit in your phone and look out for an application icon similar to the reference below:

Tips: Click here to find out how to find an App in the Apps Drawer on Your Android Phone


2. In the application, select “Choose Services”


3. Select “MyRepublic SG”


4. After selecting the above, you should be brought back to the main menu

5. If your network is still not available after 15 seconds, please restart your phone

6. You should be able to access the network now and your service should resume

For iOS

1. Go to your “Settings" & select “Mobile Data”

Tips: Click here to find out how to find use Search on your iPhone

2. Select “SIM Applications”

3. Choose “MyRepublic SG”


4. Once it's successful, you should see a "no SIM Card Installed" prompt


5. Restart your phone

6. You should be able to access the network now.


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