If your Fibre Broadband subscription is higher than usual, here are some possible reasons:


1.New Customers

For new customers, the first bill you receive for your Fibre Broadband subscription will, usually be higher as it may consist of one-time charges, installation, or set-up fees, if applicable.


2.Change in Bill Cycle 

If you have recently requested for a change in bill cycle, the bill consists of a one-time administrative fee of $20.37, prorated subscription based on your previous bill cycle and 1 month subscription charge based on your new bill cycle.


3.Relocation Charge

Customers who  have recently requested for relocation/change in service address will be charged NetLink Trust service activation fee of $57.77 and a relocation charge of $59.09.


4.Non-Promotional Subscription Rate

If your Fibre broadband 12/24-month contract has recently ended and your subscription  is higher than previous month, it is likely your promotion discount that came with your previous 12/24-month contract has ended as well.

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5.Subscription of value-added services

If you have recently subscribed to Static IP, you will be charged a one-time installation charge of $51.

Cancellation fee of $51 will be applicable if you terminate your Static IP add-on within 1 year of installation.


6.Home Voice Service

There is a one-time application fee of $49.91 if you have subscribed to home voice service after your Fibre broadband service installation.

Cancellation fee of $49.91 will be applicable if you terminate your home voice before your Fibre broadband contract ends.

For international numbers calling, discounted IDD rates do apply. You can check out our affordable rates we offer here.


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