MyRepublic Broadband Pte Ltd - A newly incorporated company

Q1: What does this mean for MyRepublic?

The investment is a significant development that bolsters our financial standing. It allows us to rebalance our capital structure, positioning debt at the appropriate level, while at the same time enhancing efficiencies by reducing the cost of borrowing.

For MyRepublic, StarHub’s investment is a vote of confidence in the vision of digital transformation that MyRepublic set out to bring to the industry and our success in transforming broadband businesses across the region. With StarHub as a key investor, MyRepublic will now continue to take this vision of change to the next level – across the region and beyond through organic and inorganic pathways.

This milestone propels us forward in the journey towards an IPO for MyRepublic as a group, a strategic goal for scaling up our vision for the industry at large. 

Q2: What does this mean for MyRepublic’s broadband customers in Singapore?

Importantly, this means that the experience that you have come to expect of us — from our broadband offerings to our commitment to community and transparency — will not only remain, but get even bigger and better. We are continuing to explore ways to enhance our offerings with market-leading next-gen broadband services.

In the future, MyRepublic’s broadband customer base will stand to gain access to enhanced offerings from StarHub’s Consumer and Enterprise Business Groups, including the growing suite of products and services offering connectivity, Over-the-top content, cloud gaming and other experiences.

Q3: What is the impact on MyRepublic’s mobile customers? 

The current partnership does not affect our mobile business. MyRepublic will continue to offer our existing mobile services under the current arrangement, and any future plans on mobile will be evaluated independently of this transaction.

Q4: What  about MyRepublic’s overseas business - will they be affected too?

The investment concerns MyRepublic Broadband, the newly created entity that holds MyRepublic’s broadband business in Singapore specifically. There is no impact on other entities overseas.


Q5: Will you still keep your branding?

MyRepublic Broadband, the newly registered entity that holds MyRepublic’s Singapore broadband business, is a StarHub subsidiary. But there is no change to the MyRepublic branding and management. Operationally, it remains business as usual.

Q6: Building on this investment, what are MyRepublic’s outlook and plans moving forward?

The growth capital will accelerate our plans to expand regionally through both organic and inorganic pathways. StarHub’s investment validates MyRepublic’s vision of change for the industry and builds on the success of our asset-light model and the digital transformation we have enabled. Now it’s time to take that to the next level.


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