Similar to swapping your physical SIM cards to a new phone, you’ll have to remove your eSIM profile from any existing device before installing it in a newer device. Please follow the below steps to transfer your eSIM.

1. Delete your eSIM profile from your old device


Step 1: From Settings tap on Connections


Step 2: Choose SIM card manager


Step 3: Select the eSIM profile you want to delete


Step 4: Tap on Remove



Step 1: From Settings select Mobile Data


Step 2: Select the eSIM profile you want to remove


Step 3: Remove Data Plan



2. Refer to our email to you that include your eSIM QR Code

Email subject title: Your order #XXXXXX is ready. Activate your eSIM

If you are unable to locate the email, you can request for the QR code to be resent to you Via the MyRepublic App under "SIM Management" or here if using a mobile device

3. Activate the eSIM in your new device

Click here to check the steps to activate the eSIM on your new device.


eSIM profile installs are free for the first 2 times per mobile account. A nominal fee will be charged from the 3rd download onwards. Additionally, a MyRepublic eSIM can only be installed a maximum of 4 times before requiring a new eSIM replacement.
For more information on the additional download and eSIM replacement fee, please refer to this article.
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