1. When do I need a 2nd termination point?
You will need a 2nd TP when both Port 1 & Port 2 of your existing TP are used up. Some common scenarios on why both ports are in use:
  • You have 2 active fibre broadband connections currently.
  • You have 2 fibre broadband connections previously and terminated one of them recently.
  • The previous house owner used a different fibre broadband service provider and the service provider did not released the second port although the service may have been terminated.
2. Is there any alternative beside installing 2nd TP?
If one of the ports of your existing TP can be released (e.g. No longer in use/needed), a 2nd TP will not be required.

3. How do I request to release 1 of the ports?

  • You may proceed to terminate your fibre subscription with your respective internet service provider (ISP)
  • Please obtain the port release date from your ISP and update us accordingly
  • We will monitor based on the port release date furnished and arrange for an installation appointment once the port is released. 
3. If 2nd TP is needed, what do I need to do?
Once confirmed that 2nd TP is required, we will arrange for 2 appointments:-
  • NLT appointment for installation of 2nd TP, and 
  • MyRepublic appointment for service installation
4. How much will I be charged for the 2nd TP installation?
  • For high-rise residences, it is $194.14
  • For landed premise, it is $351.17


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