We have received reports from some subscribers who encountered fraudulent scam websites pretending to be MyRepublic, offering prizes as part of a customer reward programme or as a survey reward. These sites pop-up while you're surfing, and use MyRepublic's logos and brand colours to appear authentic, but have dubious and extremely long website addresses.

MyRepublic is currently not running any such programme, and such sites are usually scam or phishing sites that will attempt to steal your personal information or extort money from you. The authorities have been informed and we hope that these sites get taken down soon.
How do you protect yourself against them:
✔️Always check the web address of the site you are visiting, and don’t click on any links in suspicious sites
✔️Do not give out any personal details unless it is through our official portals
✔️Should you believe you are a victim of such a scam, screenshot the webpage/phone number immediately and file a police report
How do these sites know what ISP I'm using?
By looking at your IP address, a website can know which ISP you belong to, but not who you are or where you live.
I clicked on the link and/or provided information! What should I do?
If you submitted any bank or credit card information, please immediately contact your bank and let them know. If any money was transferred or personal information was submitted, you might also want to make a police report as soon as possible.


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