Broadband Troubleshooting: Understanding your Plan and Speed (wireless connection)

For wireless connection, actual performance will depend greatly on factors that specific to your house and devices in use, including:

  1. Distance from the router to your device
  2. The mix of wireless products and operating systems used
  3. Wireless interference
  4. Building materials and construction
  5. Device specification condition not met etc
Tips: To get the best performance out of your broadband plan, we recommend a direct LAN cable connection to your Nokia or Alcatel Lucent ONT (Modem)

Here's what you can do to improve your Wi-Fi connection:

1. Reposition your Wi-Fi Router

Ideally, your Wi-Fi router should be placed at a central, elevated spot (like the top of a shelf in the living room) so walls or other obstacles do not block its signal. The location of the router should also avoid sources of electrical interference such as microwaves, cordless phones, and TVs.

2. Check your device's hardware

Check that both your router as well as your computer’s wireless network adapter supports 802.11ac, the latest Wi-Fi technology. Even a single device in the home running on an older Wi-Fi technology standard, such as 802.11g, can cause your router to lower it’s maximum speed to 10Mbps.

3. Disable all firewalls or anti-virus programs (at least temporarily while you do testing)

As there may be configuration/ settings conflict why may interfere with the speed 

4. Remove any added equipment e.g. home plug, switches etc

Slow speeds may be attributed to faulty internal cabling in datapoints/ deteriorated electrical cabling on your home plug/ switches etc. You can try to temporarily remove it and re-test your connection. If your connections are stable, this means that you may need to replace your current added equipment.

To run a speed test, open Make sure you choose the Singapore server before you click GO. 

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