Broadband Troubleshooting: Understanding your Plan and Speed (wired connection)

For wired connection, check out the typical speed you should be getting here

Not getting the mentioned speed? 

  1. You can disable your antivirus/ firewall as there may be configuration/ settings conflict which may interfere with the speed
  2. Ensure that you are using a Cat5/ 5E/ 6 LAN cable
  3. Your computer's ethernet card is able to support up to 1Gbps
  4. Set your laptop power saving settings to "High Performance"
  5. Connect your computer directly to our ONT (Nokia or Alcatel Lucent modem) as slow speeds may be attributed to faulty internal cabling in datapoints/ deteriorated electrical cabling on your home plug/ switches etc
To run a speed test, open Make sure you choose the Singapore server before you click GO. 

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