Required Document for Tenants - homeowner authorization form

If your unit doesn't have a Fibre Termination Point (TP) by NetLinkTrust and you need to install it. Netlink Trust (NLT) will need a written permission from the homeowner before they can proceed with the installation for certain addresses. 

Please download and get the homeowner to fill up the form before your NLT appointment to install the TP.

COPIF 2008 COPIF 2013

You will need written permission from the homeowner before requesting for optical fibre installation.

Please get the homeowner to fill up the homeowner authorization form before your appointment with NetLink Trust

The Termination Point (TP) is to be installed by the building developer or building owner during the building’s construction. Please approach your homeowner if the TP cannot be located.

You may approach us to sign up for fibre broadband services thereafter.

Building with their Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP) obtained by the developer after 2016 is likely to be under the Code of Practice for Info-Communication Facilities in Buildings 2013, COPIF 2013.


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