MyRepublic & Senoko Energy Partnership Promotion

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. I saw your promotion on Senoko Energy website, may I know which fibre broadband plans I can sign up in order to enjoy the exclusive fibre broadband promotion?

Our promotion may change from time to time. For the latest promotion, please visit our online portal and key in the promo code “MRXSenoko” to view the eligible promotion. 

Q2.  I saw your promotion on Senoko Energy website and I am a current Senoko Energy customer, will I still get to enjoy MyRepublic promotion? 

Yes, definitely! You may sign up any one of the eligible plans online, do remember to add in the promo code “MRXSenoko” before you select the plans on our online portal.

Q3 I am an existing MyRepublic customer, what are the perks to sign up for Senoko Energy electricity plan?

As a MyRepublic customer that signs up as a new Senoko Energy customer, you can enjoy exclusive electricity rate of 29.27¢/kWh (incl.GST) which is lower than published rates as well as highest bill rebate of up to $165 when you apply applicable promotion codes at checkout.

Head over to Senoko Energy’s exclusive page and sign up now -

Q4. When will Senoko Energy credit the applicable bill rebate to my Senoko Energy bill?

Bill rebate shall be credited by the 3rd bill from the contract start date, subjected to customer fulfilling the terms and conditions of the promo codes applied.

Q5.  I forgot to add in the promo code when I signed up for Senoko Energy electricity plan, what should I do?

We are unable to honour this promotion should the promo code be missing during the sign-up process.

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You may also choose to contact Senoko Energy via phone call at 1800 688 8888 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm) or Live Chat via



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