Why is my home address labelled as industrial address?

NetLink Trust (NLT), a company that runs Singapore's fibre infrastructure may have classifies your address type as business/ industrial address, hence, we cannot provide your premises with residential broadband, only business services.

If you think that NLT's classification of your address is a mistake, please send us a copy of your utility bill from Singapore Power and one of the following documents for us to submit a request to NLT to reclassify your address to residential:

  • Your current telecommunications / Internet bill
  • Your cable TV bill
  • Tenancy Agreement for your residence
  • Service and Conservancy bill from your Town Council
  • Change of address as indicated on the NRIC

Please note that this re-classification process may take 1 to 3 months to complete.

If you're willing to wait for the reclassification, you may proceed to sign up online and submit the above-mentioned documents to myorder@myrepublic.net or upload it at step 6 of the ordering process. 

Our team will proceed to send your documents to NLT for reclassification and monitor the progress. Once we have any status update from NLT, our team will notify you.

If you do not wish to wait, you may apply for Business Internet via our Business website instead. 


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