What are the requirements to sign up fibre broadband with MyRepublic?

As long as you are 18 years old and above and your service address is fibre ready, you are eligible to sign up our broadband services.

Visit MyRepublic Website to discover what are the latest promotion that best suit you. Alternatively, you can also visit selected MyRepublic stores to sign up. For more information on our store address and operating hours, head over here.

To find out if your house is fibre ready, check this article out. 

Credit check is also part of our standard sign-up process, we may ask for a guarantee deposit from our soon-to-be customers depending on the outcome of our verification measures.

Here's a list of the documents we need

  1. Valid identification documents (front & back)
  2. Proof of billing address (For foreigners, proof of local billing address will be required if there is no local address stated on ID.)
  3. A copy of homeowner authorization form if you are renting the house and TP installation is required

Types of Identification document (ID) we accept

  • NRIC
  • 11B - for regular and NSF only
  • Employment Pass* / Personalised Employment Pass*
  • Diplomatic Pass*
  • Entrepass*
  • Training visit Pass*
  • S Pass*
  • Work Permit*
  • Student Pass*
  • Dependent Pass*
  • Long-Term Social Visit Pass* / Long Term Visit Pass +*
*Pass needs to have a validity period of 6 months. If ID validity is less than 6 months, letter from employer/ principal of school indicating the intent to renew of employment/study OR 'In Principal Letter of Approval' from MOM is required. The letter must be on company/ school letterhead and sign off by the employer/ principal of the school. 

Proof Of Billing Address 

Example Validity (from date of application)
Legal Tenancy Agreement - signed by both tenant & landlord  6 months
Insurance Policy Statement (except travel insurance) Latest available

Bank/ Credit Statement

3 months
Singapore Power Bill Statement
CPF Statement

Letter from company (signed by managerial position and above) indicating the company-owned / leased / rented properties / customer's residential address

Letter from school (signed by principal) indicating the customer's residential address

Title Deed N.A
Form B/ IR8A (income Tax)/ Letter from IRAS sent to customer's residential/ company address Latest available



Chat with our live agents for further assistance


Or, you can submit your query to us here and we
will get back to you within 3 working days


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