Why do I get little or no coverage in some areas?

There are various factors that may affect coverage. Here are some common places you might encounter coverage concerns, and some explanations.  

At High Floors
It’s possible to have more interference at higher floors due to the way the network has been set up. The only solution to this is to try your service in different areas of the home, as it is more dependent on the base stations in the building.

The thickness of the walls, materials used to build lifts such as metal and lots of heavy electrical equipment are very good at blocking out mobile signal.

Basements and tunnels usually have limited openings that are exposed to the ground level and this prevents radio signals from entering.

School/Army Camp/Restricted Building
Some schools and camps prohibit setting up base stations in their area.

There are certain areas in hospitals which prohibit setting up base station due to the sensitivity of medical equipment.

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