What is Unlimited data at managed speeds thereafter? Why am I experiencing slower data speed after I have fully utilised my data allowance?

Unlimited data at managed speeds thereafter is a feature of all MyRepublic Mobile plans. It means never worrying about paying extra or being cut off from the internet for going beyond your mobile plan’s data allowance. Users who exceed their monthly data limit will still be able to connect to the Internet but at a slower connection speed. You will still be able to surf the web, check email, chat, or even stream music. 

If you’d like to increase your data speed during this time, you can get one of our one-time Data Boosters or Recurring Data Add-On via MyRepublic Mobile Application: these boost your data allowance i.e. get you back to full speed. 

The idea is to allow you to decide exactly how much you want to spend on data every month, without worrying about accidental or unexpected “excess data charges”, or being cut off just when you need a bit more data.


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