We believe that customers should be empowered to take control of their account with us. Here's a simple, go-to list of all the features that the app has to offer.

The MyRepublic Mobile App is available via Apple App Store and Google Play store. 

To enjoy the updated features, please ensure you have the latest app version. 

MyRepublic Mobile App - OS Requirement



IOS 10.0 or later

Android 5.0 and up

Note: If your service is suspended, you will have limited access to our mobile app functions - only the invoices tab and your account tab will be available. 

List of Mobile App Features 

  1. See what you have at a glance - mobile
  2. See what you have at a glace - fibre
  3. Help Centre Feature
  4. Manging your mobile plans
  5. Invoices
  6. Your Account

1. See what you have at a glance - For mobileAt_a_Glance_Icon.jpg

At the landing page, you can check your current data, calls and SMS usages. 

  • The purple bubble represents local data usages
  • The blue bubble represents roaming data usages. If you have purchased data roaming add-ons/ booster, you will find a blue bubble by swiping the bubble to the left
  • Get an instant data boost by clicking "ONE-TIME" or "RECURRING" icon
  • Manage your Over The Top (OTT) services like TVB anywhere premium service
  • View your current subscribed roaming add-ons or booster at the bottom of the page


For roaming, select "CUSTOMISE MY ROAMING" on the landing page and you will be able to view all available roaming packages, activate/ deactivate your roaming services and view your current subscribed roaming plans.


To activate roaming on your mobile app: Select "Customised My Roaming" > Choose "Roaming On" or "Roaming Off" by toggling the "on" or "off" button

Remember to select MyRepublic roaming partners in order to roam. You may refer to a list of supported roaming partners here.

Note: Clicking the Supporting partners, guides the customers to select the correct roaming partners while on roaming.



2. See what you have at a glance - For Fibre At_a_Glance_Icon.jpg

At the landing page, you can check your home voice & IDD usages, your service address and static IP info (if any) and view your latest broadband bill.

  • The purple bubble represents local home voice usages
  • The green bubble represents IDD calls usages


You can view your recontract eligibility information and select “Recontract Now” to recontract.

3. Help Centre Feature Mobile_App_Icon_Help_Centre_Feature.PNG

Our help centre feature allows you to:

  • Self-help by searching your queries in the mobile app and relevant support articles or raised request will show
  • Able to chat with our live chat agents
  • Able to view & see the latest update of your raised request 



4. Managing your mobile plan Manage_my_add_on_icon.jpg

On this page, you may manage your Add-ons/ boosters and as well as upgrade/ downgrade your plan. You may also check your current data, calls and SMS usages on this page. 



5. Invoices Invoice_Icon.jpg

On this page, you may view all of your current and past invoices for up to 6 months


You can also make a payment via an existing credit/debit card or a one-time payment via a new credit/ debit card.



6. Your Account account_icon_mobile_app.png

Under your account settings, you may:

  • Change your mobile app password
  • Manage your Credit Card details
  • View our mobile app Terms & conditions
  • Settings
    • Enabled Touch ID/ Face ID/ Fingerprint authentication
  • Log Out




Chat with our live agents for further assistance


Or, you can submit your query to us here and we
will get back to you within 3 working days


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