I was charged $0.15 for international SMS to 44xxxxxxxxxx/ 6890 which I didn't initiate. Why is that so?

1. 44xxxxxxxxxx number range

For iPhone users, please note that you will be charged by Apple for activation request# sent to Apple Servers (in UK) each time you:

- Turn on/off iMessage 
- Turn on/off FaceTime
- Turn on/off iCloud 
- Insert SIM card into iPhone (Removing and re-inserting will also trigger activation request for iMessage)

#Activation request is sent via international SMS @$0.15 to Apple Servers; including but not limited to the following UK numbers.

- 447537410205
- 447537410215
- 447537410225
- 447537410235
- 447537410245
- 447537410255
- 447537410265
- 447537410275
- 447537410285
- 447537410295

For more details, you may check out the dedicated Apple Support Platform here!

2. 6890 (Choosing "StarHub Billing" as the payment method via Google Play Store)

For Android users, there is an option to choose "StarHub Billing" as one of the payment methods in the Google Play Store. This service will allow StarHub postpaid mobile subscribers who are also Android users to register and charge their Application purchases through to their StarHub postpaid mobile service bill. 

MyRepublic currently does not support this feature. If you choose "StarHub Billing" as one of the payment methods in the Google Play Store, an international SMS will be auto-triggered to Google to attempt to activate it. You will be charged $0.15 for the international SMS sent.

For more information of the StarHub Terms & Conditions - Billing and Collection on Behalf of Third Party, please click here!


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