My Port-in wasn’t successful. What should I do?

1. The number I want to port-in is a prepaid number, what can I do?
Only postpaid mobile no. can be port-in currently. You may convert your mobile service from prepaid to postpaid with your current mobile service provider before submitting your port-in request to MyRepublic. Alternatively, you may consider getting a new number from us as well.

2. My number porting failed because my number is suspended/inactive with my existing mobile service provider, what are the next steps?
It is advisable to contact your previous telco to understand the reason of your mobile line being suspended or inactive. Once it is rectified and the line is active again, we will be glad to resubmit the porting request again.

3. My port-in failed because I've selected the wrong service provider, what are the next steps?
We will be glad to resubmit your number porting request with the correct service provider.

4. My port-in failed because I'm not the owner of the mobile number, what are the next steps?
You will need to fill up the authorisation letter and submit together with the registered owner‘s photo ID image to us. We will be glad to resubmit your port-in request.


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