When to start using MyRepublic SIM card if I have requested for number porting during sign up?

You may continue using your current SIM card from your ex-service provider until we've successfully port-in your mobile number to MyRepublic. You will receive SMS notifications from us once your porting request is submitted and successful. This process will likely take 1 to 2 working days to complete.

In fact, when you receive your MyRepublic SIM card before the Port-in is complete, you will be assigned a temporary number. This number will only be a placeholder until we've successfully ported your existing mobile number to MyRepublic.

The temporary MyRepublic number will be displayed on the first invoice and the Port In number will be reflected on the next bill cycle upon successful application.

If you wish to start using our services before the port-in is complete, you may go ahead and insert your SIM card into your phone and enjoy the mobile services right away!


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