Here are some common one-time charges applicable to Mobile Service customers that may apply on top of your subscription:


Charge (w/ GST) Description
No Charge  Mobile Plan Change Fee
$2.16* Delivery Fee
$21.60 SIM Re-delivery Fee
Up to $200 per line Mobile Service Deposit
$48.60  Mobile Order Cancellation Charge


(Delivery inclusive)

SIM Replacement (Lost / Damaged)
$10.80 eSIM Replacement (Lost / Exceed Max 4 number of downloads
$3.24 eSIM Profile Download Fee (From 3rd download onwards per mobile service)
$32.40 Number Change Request Fee
$10.00 Late Payment Fee
$21.60 Service Suspension and Reactivation Fee
$21.60 Transfer of ownership


*Promotional price for delivery slots till 31Mar 2023, subject to availability on our Online Store.

In view of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) rate increase from 7% to 8%, there will be slight adjustment in the stated prices if your charge(s) is/ are incurred from 1 January 2023. 

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