TP-Link AXE300 Wi-Fi Router: Firmware Update, WiFi 6E

If you are looking to update your 10Gbps router (TP-Link AXE300 Wi-Fi), simply follow the steps below to have the latest version of the firmware, enable Wi-fi 6E on your router and you're all set!


Updating the firmware for TP-Link AXE300 Wi-Fi 6E Router 

1)  Open your web browser and type “” into your web browser’s address bar. Press Enter to load the webpage. Log in using the username and password that was provided to you during the installation of your service.


2) Go to Advanced > System > Firmware Update

3) Under Online Update, click on the Update button to begin the update process. You may have to wait a few minutes for the update to complete.


Enabling Wi-Fi 6E on the TP-Link AXE300 Wi-Fi 6E Router 

  1. Ensure your router firmware has been updated to the latest version (see: Firmware Update for TP-Link AXE300 Wi-Fi 6E Router). 

[Note] Only Wi-Fi 6E compatible devices will be able to see and connect to the Wi-Fi 6E network. 

  1. Go to Wireless > Wireless Settings
  2. Tick the checkbox next to 6GHz
  3. Save your settings. 



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