MySafe Parental Control

MySafe Parental Control

MySafe Parental Control is a one-stop internet filtering system built into MyRepublic's network. It allows users to set guidelines on how the household uses the internet, such as monitoring and restricting websites, limiting access during certain times or even choose pre-set filters that block content that are deemed inappropriate.


All MyRepublic customers may sign up for MySafe Parental Control via MyAccount. Customers are entitled to a free 6 months trial of the service, after which it will be automatically discontinued.

To enjoy the service afterwards, there will be a monthly charge of $1.99 per month, with a one-time activation charge of $1.99.

Do note that only the registered account holder may sign up for MySafe Parental Control.

MySafe Parental Control is recommended for families who wish to improve their protection from the potential dangers of the internet. The intuitive, easy to customize service provides peace of mind to anyone using the network.


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