What is power cycling and how does it help?

What is it?

Power cycling is the act of turning off an electrical equipment via the main switch or socket and then turning it back on again.

If you're facing networking issues, we recommend power cycling both the modem and router. Power down the devices for at least 3 minutes before restarting the devices.

How does it help?

Electrical devices work on software and hardware and may be overloaded with information or even overheat which affects performance. By removing power to the device, it refreshes the built-in RAM (internal memory) and allows the device to function almost like a new device. 

Users are advised to power cycle their modems and routers often to extend their equipment life expectancy. 

If power cycling does not improve the issue, try hard resetting the router i.e. restoring the router to factory default settings.

Please do not hard reset the modem (branded Alcatel Lucent) at any point .

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