What happens to our subscription /contract at the end of the trial?

Are you currently enjoying the incredible speeds of our 10Gbps trial and curious about what happens when the trial period ends? We're here to provide you with all the details.

The trial for the 10Gbps plan will be valid until 30 June 2024. While we cannot provide a definitive answer on what will happen after the trial period, please be assured that we are actively working to extend the availability of the 10Gbps service, pending the necessary regulatory approvals.

In the event that the 10GPON trial is discontinued, we want to ensure you understand the subscription pricing details. For the remainder of your 24-month contract, if applicable, the service subscription price will be $52.99/month for the 1Gbps Ultra Plan or $57.99/month for the 1Gbps GAMER Plan, depending on your chosen plan.

Once your contract ends, if you choose to continue with our service on an off-contract basis, the subscription price will be $61.50/month for the Ultra Plan and $71.50/month for the GAMER Plan.

Rest assured that we are committed to providing you with the best possible service and will keep you informed about any changes or updates regarding the 10Gbps plan as they become available.

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