Can I submit a relocation request upon recontracting?

If you're thinking about moving homes and want to submit a relocation request while also recontracting, we have some important information for you.

Right now, we can't process a relocation request at the same time as a recontracting request. These two processes deal with different aspects of our services, so we need to handle them separately. This way, we can make sure we take care of all your needs accurately and efficiently.

Also, please keep in mind that the relocation process isn't available specifically for our Hyperspeed 10Gbps plan. If you're planning to move, it's best to submit your relocation request first, before you go ahead with the recontracting process for the 10Gbps plan. Once we successfully complete your relocation, you can then proceed with recontracting to enjoy the benefits of our Hyperspeed 10Gbps plan in your new place.

Following this will help ensure a smooth transition for your services while allowing you to experience the blazing-fast speeds of our Hyperspeed 10Gbps plan in your new home.

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