Will I be able to continue enjoying the add ons if I recontract to Hyperspeed 10gbps

Are you considering recontracting to our Hyperspeed 10Gbps plan and wondering if you can continue enjoying your current add-ons? Rest assured, we've got you covered!

To ensure a seamless transition to your upgraded 10Gbps plan while retaining your favorite add-ons, simply select them during the sign-up process. This way, you can continue to enjoy all the services you love without any interruptions.

However, please note that TVB Anywhere is not currently available as an add-on with our 10Gbps plans. If you currently have a TVB Anywhere subscription, it will be discontinued. Don't worry though, you will have the opportunity to sign up for TVB Anywhere again when it becomes available on our 10Gbps plans."

Note: If you have an existing subscription to TVB Anywhere, please be aware that it will be discontinued with the upgrade to the 10Gbps plan. However, we will notify you when TVB Anywhere becomes available as an add-on for our 10Gbps plans, giving you the chance to sign up again and enjoy your favorite TVB content.

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