I've been delayed by "insufficient fibre resources for 2nd Fibre line activation". What is that and how long will the delay last?

What it is

When fibre broadband subscribers switch ISPs, there are two methods of transfer employed by the industry to ensure minimal Internet downtime during the transition.

The more common of these methods is to activate the second-fibre line in the Termination Point (TP) and install your new fibre broadband line there. However, in order to activate this second fibre line, Netlink Trust (formerly known as OpenNet) needs to ensure that there is sufficient backend fibre capacity in their infrastructure. When there isn't, NetLink Trust will need to install additional equipment, which causes the installation delay.

This issue affects all ISPs and households in Singapore.

How long it takes to resolve

In our experience, the issue usually takes between 4-8 weeks for NLT to resolve.

To ensure the fastest installation possible despite this issue, MyRepublic contacts subscribers within one working day after NLT informs us that the fibre resource top-up has been completed.

Do take note that at this stage there is an existing contract between the customer and MyRepublic in place.