I wish to cancel my order but I’ve not had my service installation yet. Is there any penalty?

A standard Termination Fee of $48.15 applies for all order application cancellations, designed to offset the administration costs incurred.

Netlink Trust may also impose a cancellation fee of $235.40 (Non-landed / High-Rise Residential Customers) or $481.50 (Landed Residential Premises) if their resources have been deployed (effective after booking NLT activation date).

Additionally, if you’ve confirmed a service installation date with us, there will be an Early Termination Fee incurred, equal to the total sum of subscription payments over the contract period you signed up for. For example, if you signed up for 24 months of Ultra fibre broadband, it would mean an Early Termination Fee of 24 x $49.99

This is because when a service installation appointment date is confirmed with a customer and logged into the system, it represents the point where MyRepublic incurs fixed year-long operational costs from our vendors and from NetLink Trust/OpenNet.

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