When will I receive my bill and get charged?

Every MyRepublic customer’s billing cycle starts and varies depending on their individual service installation date i.e. the date when your fibre broadband was started and your ONT was installed. 

Your First Fibre Broadband Bill

Your first MyRepublic broadband bill dated the same day as your Service Installation and generated within 3 working days after. This first bill will contain:

  • Any installation or set-up fees, if applicable 
  • Your first month's broadband subscription

This bill, and your future MyRepublic subscription bills will come in the form of online invoices posted on MyAccount, MyRepublic’s customer portal. Your MyAccount login information should have been sent to you in an email within 3 days of your MyRepublic order getting processed.

For your first bill, your card payment method will be charged 7 working days after your Service Installation.  

Factoring in mail time, new paper GIRO applications may take 3-4 weeks for the bank to process and approve.

If you are using GIRO as your payment method, GIRO deductions take place on the 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th  of the month. Everyone will have a minimum of 7 days before the GIRO deduction takes place. 

Your Regular Subscription Bills

Your monthly bill will repeat on the same day every month from the first invoice.

E.g. if your broadband was started on the 8th of February, your monthly bills will be dated the 8th of every month and generated on the 10th or 11th of the month.

As a rule, your payment method will be charged 7 working days after your invoice date (the date of the month you had your Service Installation). An email reminder will also be sent to you when your online bill is generated in MyAccount. 


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