My service has been suspended due to late payments. What should I do?

As a last resort, if we have been unable to contact you after multiple attempts and your bill payment has been overdue for more than 30 days, your fibre broadband service will be suspended. 

To check your account status, please log in to MyAccount with your email and password.

If you've recently changed your contact details or credit card information (new bank or replacement card) please update your information in MyAccount.

To reactivate your service, you’re required to make immediate full payment of the amount due with a reactivation charge for each reactivation: $48.15 for consumers and $169.06 for businesses.  

For payment arrangements, please contact our Customer Care at 6717 1680. Your service will resume as soon as we are able to confirm payment. Alternatively, you may also submit a Support Ticket.

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