What can I use MyAccount for?

We believe that customers should be empowered to take control of their account with us. Here's a simple, go-to list of all the features that MyAccount has to enable you to do so.

1. View and edit your personal information, such as your:

  • Contact information (e.g. email, home address, phone number)
  • MyAccount password

2. View and edit your billing information, such as your:

  • Billing and invoice history
  • Payment method to a new credit/debit card


3. View, sign up for or discontinue your value-added services, such as:

  • Static IP
  • Internet Security services
  • Dual fibre add on


4. View, apply for or cancel your Home Voice services, such as:

  • A new Home Voice number
  • Home Voice Value-Added Services e.g. Voice Mail, Call Forwarding
  • Usage and invoice history


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