What do I need to have fibre broadband at home?

To use fibre broadband, NetLink Trust/OpenNet must have installed (a) the required fibre infrastructure in your area and (b) the Termination Point (TP) on your premises. 

The OpenNet TP contains optical fibre cables and connects to the rest of the Next Gen NBN. It’s a physical line from your address to the wider network.

Termination Point (TP)

To see if your address is ready for fibre broadband, perform a coverage check on the OpenNet website.

If your TP is installed, OpenNet takes 1 to 4 weeks to test the end-to-end connection to your TP, and to update their databases. 

For residential customers

Your address will fall into 1 of 3 possible categories:

Home Reached 

  • You are ready to use fibre broadband. Congratulations!
  • OpenNet has successfully installed the Next Gen NBN infrastructure in your area and wired up your building.

Home Passed

  • You are not able to use fibre broadband because the TP is not installed in your unit.
  • To get OpenNet to install the TP at your address specifically, additional OpenNet charges will apply. 
    • For high-rise residences, the OpenNet charge for TP installation is $235.40
    • For landed premises, it is $481.50
    • Sign up for our homepass promotion and get the installation charge waived! http://myrp.co/nzxcf

If you’re interested to sign up with MyRepublic and your address is Home Passed, MyRepublic will automatically coordinate with OpenNet and schedule all the installation appointments required.

You do not have to contact OpenNet directly for your TP installation.In fact, having MyRepublic schedule both installation appointments together is usually much faster.

No Coverage

  • You are not able to use fibre broadband yet.
  • OpenNet has not installed the Next Gen NBN infrastructure in your area.

If you have previously used fibre internet, you may face additional delays due to insufficient fibre capacity. More details can be found here.

For Business Customers

To use fibre broadband, OpenNet will need to install a TP on your premises unless the previous occupant of your location, or your landlord, has arranged for the TP to be already installed.

The standard OpenNet cost of installing the TP is $548.14.