Understanding Service Activation Charges for 5G

At MyRepublic, we want to ensure transparency and provide clear information about our services. In this article, we'll explain the Service Activation Charges/Fees related to 5G and how they may apply to your Apple device. We aim to make this information easy to understand, so you have a clear picture of any potential fees involved.

1) Service Activation Charge/Fee (for 5G):
For customers using iMessage on their Apple devices, there is a $0.15 international SMS charge associated with the Apple service activation fee. This charge remains applicable for 5G service activation.

International SMS Fee and Actions:
The following actions may incur an international SMS fee:

1. Turning On/Off iMessage: If you enable or disable iMessage on your device, there may be an international SMS fee of $0.15 associated with the service activation.

2. Turning On/Off FaceTime: Activating or deactivating FaceTime on your device may also result in an international SMS fee of $0.15.

3. Turning On/Off iCloud: Enabling or disabling iCloud services may incur an international SMS fee of $0.15.

4. Inserting SIM card into iPhone: Any action involving the insertion of the SIM card, such as removing and re-inserting it or inserting the SIM card for the first time, may also result in an international SMS fee of $0.15.

Please Note:
- These charges are specifically related to Apple service activation and are not specific to MyRepublic's network or services.
- The international SMS fee of $0.15 will apply each time any of these actions are performed.


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