My IDD calls are not going through. What’s wrong?

If you are a new Home Voice customer, please check that you’ve verified your Home Voice number. This is a necessary security step to unlock all your MyRepublic Home Voice Value Added Services, including IDD calls.

To verify your number, log in to your MyAccount and click on the Home Voice button. You will immediately be prompted for verification.

Secondly, do check that you are dialing the correct local number. Even an extra zero makes a difference. 

To make IDD calls, dial:

1550 + the country code of the destination you’re calling + the local number

Note: Other IDD shortcodes will not work

If the issue still persist, you can contact our customer support.


Chat with our live agents for further assistance


Or, you can submit your query to us here and we
will get back to you within 3 working days


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