You may find the various Service Application / Request Forms below.

Please allow 5 working days for us to process the requests and do note that the forms submitted will be subjected to approval. We regret to inform you that incomplete forms will not be processed.

Home Voice Number Porting Related Forms

Mobile Number Porting (MNP) Related Forms

Use the following form for new mobile port-in request for existing MyRepublic customers OR re-application of mobile port-in request due to previous MNP rejection:

Use the following form for new mobile port-in application with new mobile line sign-up and authorization is needed as the registered mobile owner's details are different from MyRepublic subscriber details (e.g. MyRepublic subscriber is under Customer A, whilst the mobile number is registered to Customer B in another telco):

Mobile Services Related Form

Billing Related Forms

Fibre Broadband Related Forms

How to Submit the form? 

You can submit the completed forms via our submit a request function below. Make sure you fill in your details accurately!

Note: For GIRO application form, we will need an original signed copy to be mailed to us. For more details on GIRO submission, you can refer here


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