The Wi-Fi Halo comes with 2 indicator lights

  1. Status light at the bottom
  2. Wi-Fi/WPS light at the left of the Wi-Fi Halo.

The lights indicate different statuses as shown below:

Status Light

  • Green = Halo is starting up
  • Purple = Halo is working
  • Flashing Orange = Halo is connecting to the internet
  • Flashing Blue = Halo working, no LAN cable plugged into WAN port
  • Steady Orange = Halo working, no internet detected
  • Red = Hardware/software failure

Wi-Fi/WPS Light

  • Green = Wi-Fi is on
  • Flashing Blue (slow) = WPS Mode in progress
  • Flashing Blue (fast) = WPS error

The LED eco-mode function can be activated or deactivated by pressing the WPS and Wi-FI buttions at the side of the Wi-Fi Halo. The LED eco-mode will turn the LED and Status lights of the Wi-Fi Halo on and off without affecting any other functions. 


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