ASUS Routers Warranty and Technical Specifications

ASUS Routers Warranty

There is a 3-year warranty for ASUS routers purchased from MyRepublic, backed by the brand’s distributor Avertek Enterprises Pte Ltd.

As long as you have purchased an ASUS router through MyRepublic, Avertek will provide technical support for the purchased router if it is still covered by its 3-year warranty regardless of your MyRepublic contract.

For example, if you bought a router at sign-up and completed your 24-month contract, you will get to keep the router and it will remain under warranty for another year. During the warranty period, you may bring your router to Avertek office or call their support hotline if you encounter any router issues.

Items needed for warranty claim: Physical router Customer acceptance form (proof of installation) / 1st invoice which had the router information

Items needed for warranty claim:

  • Physical router
  • Customer acceptance form (proof of installation) / Invoice with the router purchase detail.

Avertek office and contact details:

Contact: +65 6341 7839

Operating hours: 9.30am - 6.00pm, Mon to Fri (except Public Holidays)

Nearby bus services: 2,7,12,13,32,33,51,63,67,80,100,197,980
MRT: Kallang/ Lavender

What Are The Technical Specifications of the ASUS Routers MyRepublic Offers?

You may find the technical specifications of the Asus routers we've offered on the respective router's official product page.

Previous routers:

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