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MySafe Lite 

Starting from 1 December 2020, we will replace the current version of MySafe with a new version named MySafe Lite!

Note that the current features such as choosing specific control levels or adding/removing websites for your whole household, and setting up access time restrictions will not be available in the new version.

About MySafe Lite Parental Control

Integrated with the MyRepublic network, MySafe Lite is an online security solution for your entire household that allows your children to browse the web safely.

What is MySafe Lite?

MySafe Lite is a service that automatically filters out blacklisted sites at the network level. With MySafe Lite enabled, your children can browse the web safely as long as they’re connected to MyRepublic home broadband.

MySafe Lite allows you to:

  • Filter out offensive and violent content ((i.e. ones that promote scams, fraud, phishing, violence, gambling and abuse)
  • Enforce Safe Searches across major search engines

All MyRepublic customers may sign up for MySafe Lite Parental Control via MyAccount. Customers are entitled to a free 6 months trial of the service, after which it will be automatically discontinued unless customers opt-in on MyAccount.

Do note that only the registered MyRepublic account holder may sign up for MySafe Lite Parental Control.

MySafe Lite Parental Control is recommended for families who wish to improve their protection from the potential dangers of the internet. 

Note: MySafe Parental Control will apply to all devices in your household connected to your MyRepublic network, and individual devices must be whitelisted for the restrictions to be lifted.

MySafe Lite Parental Control Charges

All MyRepublic customers are eligible for a 6-month free trial of MySafe Lite Parental Control, which will be indicated by the message above at the MySafe Lite Parental Control page in your MyAccount if you have yet to activate your 6-month free trial yet.

After 6 months, or if you deactivate your MySafe Lite Parental Control service during the free trial, the trial will end and the service will be automatically discontinued unless you choose to opt-in. Opting in or subsequent activations will start a recurring monthly charge.

MySafe Lite Parental Control costs $0.60/month after the free trial, which will be charged to your MyRepublic account once it is activated.

To opt-in, go to the MySafe Lite Parental Control page in your MyAccount and click on the button on the top right to switch your status from opt-out to opt-in.

Note: If you choose to opt-out or have deactivated MySafe Lite, and you wish to subscribe to MySafe Lite again, a one-time activation fee of $0.60 and monthly fee of $0.60/mth will be applicable and you will not be able to enjoy the 6-months free trial again. 

In view of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) rate increase from 8% to 9%, there will be slight adjustment in the stated prices if your charge(s) is/ are incurred from 1 January 2024. 

How to sign up for MySafe Lite Parental Control?

To activate MySafe Lite Parental Control, start by logging in to your MyAccount via, and selecting the “Parental Control” icon from either the main menu or the “Manage Add-Ons” page.


In the MySafe Lite Parental Control page, click on the “Activate MySafe Lite Parental Control” to activate your account, and select “ok” on the pop-up box to complete the procedure. Congratulations, you are now ready to use MySafe Lite Parental Control!

How to use MySafe Lite Parental Control?

If you opt-in for MySafe Lite Parental Control, it will be automatically added to your MyRepublic network settings, it will run in the background and apply to all devices connected to your MyRepublic network. You do not need to do anything once you’ve opted-in. We’ll take care of your security and your loved ones.


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