We optimise our GAMER network for the best online gaming experience with:

  1. A dedicated IP address range for GAMER subscribers, allowing our engineers to provide unique features such as custom routing and bandwidth management
  2. A distinct network that is constantly monitored to maintain the low latency and minimum packet loss that is crucial to online gaming
  3. 100% dedicated gaming bandwidth, so lower priority traffic on the GAMER network i.e. downloads like P2P file-sharing does not disrupt your gaming experience
  4. Ultra-fast download speeds for effective downloading of large game files and patches.
  5. Live latency reports form our network monitoring tools, available for GAMER subscribers to keep track of at the GAMER Latency Monitoring

If you're on our Gamer plans, you can submit a form (at the bottom of the page) for custom routing here!

What you'll need:

  • Customer ID
  • Name of Game
  • Game Server IP

There are 2 methods to  find the game server IP.

  1. While the game is running, launch Resource Monitor by searching for it in Windows search bar. In Resource Monitor, look for the game name. Click on the game check box and you'll get the server IP.
    If you're unsure which line is the server IP, take a screenshot and send it to us!

    Below is an example using League of Legends in Resource Monitor, game IP is 203.116.112.xxx (the last few digits are irrelevant, the main address is the first 3 sets):

  2. If you're unable to find the game server IP using Resource Monitor, then you'll have to use Command Prompt. Type "command" in windows search, right click the program and select "Run as administrator". 

    Next, while the game is running, type "netstat". You'll  see something like this:

    You can copy the results to a clipboard by right-clicking the program, choose "Select All" and press Enter. Include this information in the custom routing request/ email!

Chat with our live agents for further assistance


Or, you can submit your query to us here and we
will get back to you within 3 working days


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