What is F-Secure and why should I use it?

F-Secure is a well-established global internet security company based out of Finland. It is known for having one of the highest detection rates for viruses and malware as well as providing an easy to use platform for all types of consumers.

Additionally, it sets itself apart by being able to protect a wide variety of devices -- not only PCs. For greater convenience, you can also manage your settings centrally from one account! For full detailed product specifications, please visit the official F-Secure SAFE webpage here.

F-Secure SAFE currently provides protection for PC’s, Mac’s, Android, iOS, and Windows 8 phones.

As part of a MyRepublic-exclusive offer, customers can enjoy a no-strings-attached 3 month free trial, plus up to 60% off the service's regular pricing!

To enjoy MyRepublic's exclusive F-Secure offer, go to your MyAccount page and click the F-Secure logo. There will be a unique link to the F-Secure website. Click on it to identify yourself as a MyRepublic customer and sign up in that same window.

Do note that you will only have access to this offer several days after your MyRepublic fibre broadband service is activated.


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