What are the F-Secure features available ?

F-Secure Functionalities
Feature PC Mac Android iOS WPS

1. Antivirus local scanning

2. Scheduled scanning

3. Background scanning

4. Cloud based scanning

5. Email malware scanning

6 Cleanup tool










7. Antitheft locate

8. Remote lock/wipe

9. Remote alarm play

10. Password protected settings









11. Safe browsing

12. Malicious website auto-blocking

13. Banking protection 

14. Webpage reputation indicator

15. Search result rating (Google, Yahoo, Bing)











16. Parental Control

17. Category based content blocking

18. App Control

19. Safe search mode (search engine based)

20. Password protected client settings

21. Time lock for browsing












22. Privacy protection

23. Detect jailbreaking/rooting/vulnerabilities

24. Anti-spam protection

25. Anti-spam for email

26 Anti-spam for calls/messages













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