How to conserve Mobile Data?

Push notifications, automatic app updates and auto-sync can drain your data significantly. You can restrict app access to background data, to prevent this from happening.

Here are some ways on how you can conserve your mobile data:-


Iphone and Other iOS Devices

  1. Switch off Wi-Fi assist & turn on low data mode: If you head to the settings on your phone and into Mobile Data, and scroll all the way down to the bottom of the list, just below System Services you should see ‘Wi-Fi Assist’. When on, it causes your phone to switch over to mobile data automatically if your Wi-Fi becomes too slow. So turn it off! While you’re at it, turn on Low Data Mode under Mobile Data Options in the same settings page.
  2. Turn off cellular data for unnecessary apps: From the same Mobile Data menu, go through the list of apps that are currently using mobile data - you can even see how much data is being used directly below the app name - and switch off the ones that use the most data so that you only access when connected to Wi-Fi.
  3. Don’t let your phone update apps unless connected to Wi-Fi: Even if you don’t have that many apps installed, the ones that come pre-installed on your phone or tablet will update using your data unless you put a stop to it. Head to your settings, then App Store where you’ll find Automatic Downloads. Make sure it is turned off.
  4. Minimise data usage in emails: Getting emails with image attachments can consume your data more than you think, especially when they’re high-resolution pictures. Disable auto-downloading of image attachments by going to settings->mail, and toggle Load Remote Images to off.
  5. Switch off video autoplay: All those autoplay videos are impacting how much data you use! Switching the autoplay function off on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is relatively easy, though they are all different apps. In the app settings of each, you’ll find something like ‘data’ or ‘video’ settings. Proceed from there and stop the data-consuming monster that is autoplay.
  6. Turn off mobile data completely: If you’ve tried everything to no avail and are desperate for anything to stop going over your monthly allowance, head to Settings->Mobile Data and turn off Mobile Data.

Android Devices

  1. Limit data usage:  You have the ability to set the maximum amount of data you are allowed to use each month (you can even set it according to your billing cycle). Once it’s hit, you can set it to auto-disconnect. Head to settings->data usage->billing cycle->data limit and billing cycle and you’re set!
  2. Only update apps using Wi-Fi: Like iOS, Android phones and tablets come with pre-installed apps. So even if you haven’t installed one of your own since you got the device, there’s a chance these pre-installed apps are kept up to date while using your data. To prevent this from happening you can go to settings->auto-update apps and choose the ‘over Wi-Fi only’ option.
  3. Minimise background data usage: Quite a few apps running in the background will nibble away at your data. To find out which of them are the biggest consumers you can go to settings->data usage. By clicking each, you can discover the ‘foreground’ and ‘background’ data usage, which is exactly as it sounds; foreground data is data used while you’re in the app, background is data used when you have it minimised. If you think one or more apps are using too much background data, toggle on ‘Restrict app background data’.
  4. Stop autoplay for social videos: Similar to what we discussed previously for iOS, autoplay on even a reasonable amount of social media and videos can do a fair bit of damage to your data allowance. Nip this in the bud by heading to each of your social app’s settings and look for ‘data’, ‘video play’ and the like to turn this feature off.
  5. Turn off unnecessary account syncing: By default, all your accounts are set to auto-sync, which not only impacts your data but also your battery life. You may like to click settings->accounts. Click on each of the accounts and decide whether you want sync to be on for each or not.
  6. Switch off data completely: As a last resort, turn off your data for good, at least until next month when your quota is refreshed. Go to settings->network and internet->mobile network, turn off ‘mobile data’. 

Check on Mobile Data Consumption

You can check how much data you’ve used by logging on to MyRepublic Mobile App.

  • The purple bubble represents local data usages
  • The blue bubble represents roaming data usages. If you have purchased data roaming add-ons/ booster, you will find a blue bubble by swiping the bubble to the left



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