+1Gbps add-on activates a second 1Gbps port on your ONT (modem), which creates a dual network, giving you a total of 1Gbps+1Gbps internet services, one for family sharing and one for your dedicated needs. 



  • +1Gbps is only available for customers on Ultra and Gamer fibre broadband plan and not on either the +1Gbps Add-on VAS or the Dual Fibre Plan
  • A one-time $10.20 activation fee applies with a monthly subscription of $15.30 per month
  • There is no minimum contract term required.
  • This add-on does not include an additional router or cabling service. You will need to purchase another router if you choose to use one. Cabling and trunking is available as a separate add-on service


In view of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) rate increase from 8% to 9%, there will be slight adjustment in the stated prices if your charge(s) is/ are incurred from 1 January 2024. 


How do I sign up for +1Gbps Add-On

You can apply for additional 1Gbps add-on via MyAccount or MyRepublic App. Service will be activated within 3 working days. 


For more information and the Terms and Conditions, please click here.


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